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2. September 2014



If you get a note like this from this guy, ignore it. Delete it. If you ask what his daughter likes, he’ll try sending you a very suspicious folder with random art in it, as well as a virus.


Please spread this around because someone who doesn’t know any better can really wind up getting screwed over. Thank you!

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A sour candy fell on the floor and this happened. She did this for about an hour

This video is so cute! And I also have a story which relates to it…

A few years ago, a new sweetshop opened up in my town.
They sold these extremely sour sweets and they came in a few different flavours. I was warned by the shop owner that they were really bad and I was even offered one to try before I bought them as they had a warning label on the packaging. I adore sour sweets but WOW, I can tell you these were immense! So much so that I ate three in a row and they stripped the skin off the roof of my mouth!
Anyway, I took a bag of them to my friends house one afternoon, she tried one and nearly vomited after about ten seconds of having it in her mouth, and somewhere on my computer I have a video of her daughter and her friend trying them, it is hilarious viewing!
My friend gave one to her dog (well she placed it on the floor for him) and his reaction was exactly the same as this little dog, it was brilliant fun to watch :) (He didn’t try to eat it, he just got really angry at it but we took it away from him after a while so no harm was done)
I have found the exact sweets I bought here (except mine were blue raspberry flavour) try them at your own risk! ;)

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