Made of stardust

Randomness ahoy! (But mostly BJDs, most probably Blue Fairy, they are my favourite!)

My cute little jester is all done :D(I’m going to remake his hat, it isn’t as good as I had hoped)

I just got back from town with a big bunch of felt and ribbon…
Jory will have his new Halloween outfit very soon, I am so excited :D

*faints*  (their wigs have just arrived!)Sorry for the bad photo, I’m in a rush to get out, this package arriving now isn’t helping :)

Halloween cards

18. September 2014

I made a Halloween card for a friend of mine a few days ago, and I had so much fun doing it I currently have plans to illustrate all eight of the blank cards I got in the pack I bought, I should have five free after I have handed them out to a few people, would anyone else be interested in me sending them one? 
(Each card is completely hand drawn using fine liners and coloured pencils, and each one has a different Halloween based character design on the front) Swaps are always welcome, but not necessary) :)


Day 704: Fallout 4 still isn’t out yet.

Ryker and Jory’s wigs have been shipped, meaning I will get them before the next doll meet! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!! :D


ODILIA and ODILE the white and black swan by DreamHighStudio

Same Band. Same Heart. Just Enjoy The Music.