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Oh dear…


24. July 2014

I just damaged Ryker, my first ever bit of doll damage in two and a half years of being in the hobby, all thanks to his stupid trainers!
As I tried to pull if off his foot, I heard a crack… the S hook in his ankle had popped out and caught the ball on the bottom of his right leg, which has caused a little chip, it’s not that big and you can’t see it unless you pull his foot away but now I feel bad :(

I’m taking Ryker out for a small photo shoot this afternoon.
I have decided to utilise the fact we have a lock just a short walk away from the house, if I get any decent shots I will share them later :) 


*organizes life at 3am*

(via ruinedchildhood)


DSC_0139 by Hina…♥ on Flickr.
"Hey woman, take our picture!""Ryker no, it’s late and I’m tired!""DOOOOOO IT!"Urghhh…