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Randomness ahoy! (But mostly BJDs, most probably Blue Fairy, they are my favourite!)


Project Dollground’s BJD Bracelet and Necklace Giveaway! This is my first ever giveaway so please bear with me.^^; Here are the details: 
Prize: 1 SD winner and 1 MSD winner of 8 bracelets and a necklace with a pendant of your choosing (cross, leaf or moon+stars). International welcome; shipping via airmail will be covered by me. 
How to Win:1. Follow me (kanis04) here on tumblr.2. Like and reblog this post. Multiple reblogs count!3. Please state if you’re entering for the SD or the MSD prize (or both) in your reblog.4. Tag your post with #dollgroundgiveaway which I’ll use to keep track of entries. 
Deadline: I’ll be drawing the winners on September 8, on the birthday of my grandmother, who recently passed away. 
Good luck!!! 
(P.S. I’m running a similar giveaway for 2 more winners over at Instagram. My handle over there is also kanis04.^_^)

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…and she’s off again…

The Swan Princess by akai1992


ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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Magic Bottles by ~banders on Flickr.
Her little smile always brightens my day :)