Made of stardust

Randomness ahoy! (But mostly BJDs, most probably Blue Fairy, they are my favourite!)


Black star by _kOii_ on Flickr.

Yesterday I started making Ryker some new pants, but I got lost in myself and sewed the waistband together before I remembered to thread the elastic through… Oh well, looks like I will have to stop being lazy and make him some big boy button up pants now, he will be pleased :)


Stripe shirt is cool by _kOii_ on Flickr.

Doll Cafe in Korea: Cafe Bluefairy, BJD Cafe in Seoul (카페 블루페어리) || 韓國的…

I really would love to visit this place one day…



I thought I would take some dolly photo’s not many of them turned out well at all, but this one is okay. This is my couple Ophelia and Ico!

Porcelain doll by the fair children on Flickr.


I made cake! :D

I saw the tag being red velvet cake, which is my favourite!!! I am so jelly right now! Plus the tip looks cool, you almost made it look like space!

Thanks Karla. It is very tasty, it is definitely one of my favourite cake flavours too! Especially with cream cheese frosting, which is what I used on this one :) The colour on the top is edible glitter my friend sent me from down south, it looks even more cosmic on chocolate frosting :D

.hazel. by .daria. [the haunted dollhouse] on Flickr.